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Japanese Garden at Iao Valley, Maui

Japanese gardens and landscapes are rooted in meaning, history, religion, and nature.  They promote balance and harmony and require careful consideration during the design process to create a garden that touches your spirit, reveals your style, and enhances your outdoor living.

Open space, natural, and water elements are essential in every Japanese garden design.  Here, less is more.  By not overcrowding the garden and filling every space with plants, you make peaceful, calming areas that encourage thought, reflection, and rejuvenation.  Plants, wood, rocks, stones, and other natural facets help to connect one with nature and water, such as a bowl of water for purity, or design elements that symbolize water, reflect the passage of time.

Japanese gardens epitomize understated elegance.  Few garden accents are needed.  Popular accents such as lanterns and bridges quickly showcase the design style and can enhance the overall look, but are not required elements.

A well designed Japanese garden should feel like a private sanctuary where you are surrounded and embraced by nature.  The design should incorporate natural screening and sounds to block out noises and visual elements that might otherwise detract from the serenity of the garden.

If you are looking for a beautiful, tranquil place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a Japanese garden or landscape may serve you well.  Or, you may simply love the look and enjoy the low maintenance a Japanese landscape offers. When you are ready to get started, please contact us.

Owner,Brian Kashima, is a landscape designer and contractor, licensed and insured in both California and Hawaii.  Here currently runs Island Landscape from Maui, Hawaii, but assists on clients throughout the United States with landscape design.  You will find his valuable expertise and 30+ years of experience as a Japanese gardener and landscaper to be a great asset to your project.

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